A la carte 3-9 course private dinner

Come and experience wonderful taste experiences in the private restaurant Stanza Reale or invite a top chef to your home!

Our chef, Lauri Ööpik, is a recognized top in his field, who in 2024 represented the Estonian team at the IKA World Culinary Olympics, where excellent results were achieved, winning both bronze and silver. In addition, he has the honor of catering the reception of the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia for the second year in a row, as well as the gala dinners of international events.

This is just the beginning. The world cooking championships await – a testament to his extraordinary talent and dedication.

A la carte

A la Carte

The Stanza Reale Experience

Experience a unique taste experience in the private restaurantStanza Reale. Our top chef Lauri will prepare a 3- to 9-course dinner menu, and upon request, a selection of drinks is also matched to the dishes.

restaurant experience in your own home


Looking for a way to make your event even more memorable? Chef Lauri Ööpik offers a unique service – an a la carte dinner at your own home. Enjoy a high-end restaurant experience in the comfort of your dining room without leaving your home.

This service is designed to offer you everything you would experience at our Stanza Reale restaurant, from a personal menu tailored to your tastes and preferences to masterful cooking in your own kitchen. Lauri and his team will take care of everything – from food selection to elegant serving.

A la Carte

A la carte by LaUri Ööpik

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